The Lopez Group of Miami, Inc.

Our primary goal at The Lopez Group of Miami is to offer you our market resources and knowledge. We wish to help and advise you with quality service, and create a productive trading experience. You will discover that we are professional. We are dedicated to serving your needs.


The opinions and recommendations of The Lopez Group of Miami are solemnly guided by conditions of the market. We maintain a selectively knowledgeable approach with the commodities we trade. We make use of extensive fundamentals and technical research. Our objective is to bring you, our client, to your highest economic potential.


We encourage an open door policy at all levels, in order to maintain a flow of communication between you and The Lopez Group of Miami at all times.


The Lopez Group of Miami reputation has been built on commitment and competence in our industry. We invite you to join us. After all, you are the final judge of how well we serve.

Best Regards, The Lopez Group of Miami

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