The Lopez Group of Miami, Inc.

Buying Program for 1937 Liberty Bond 100,000

One 1937 Chinese Bond Liberty Bond  100,000 in New York or Miami (USA)

The seller will do a joint venture with a Foundation.  Keep in mind that the Foundation already has agreement and is approved by the buyer and various sovereign entities to present bonds for purchase in place.  Working with Foundation will require that the seller/owner to have an agreement with the Foundation to divide the gross sale proceeds on a 50%Seller /50% Foundation basis.  The Foundation who has a buy/sell agreement in place with the final buyer, a sovereign entity, to present bonds that are available for sale so that the Foundation can fund its worldwide humanitarian projects. The net amount to the seller will be $5B to $10B plus 10% however, as you will know price is subject to change until bond is actually authenticated, verified, and contracted.

Documents required by Buyer:

    1. CIS
    2. Passport
    3. Picture of at least one bond (front & back)
    4. Passco/Perito( All three pages)
    5. Genealogy

10% of commissions is divided as:

  1. 5% is to Buyer Side (Closed) 
  1. 2.5 is to Seller Side Group # 1(Persons that are bringing the Buyer to Table - Closed)
  1. 2.5 is to Seller Side Group # 2(Persons that are bringing the Seller to Table) 


1. Seller sends initial required documents which include CIS, Passport, Passco (all three pages), picture of at least one bond (front & back), a list of all other folio with related Passco/Perito numbers.  You must then provide a genealogy with the following components Legal Name, Country of Residence, Passport Number, Phone and Email address.

2. Once the initial documents are received, the buying group will perform preliminary DD. and within 3 days the seller will receive a call from the attorney or a foundation representative. ( To go over these same transactional points and to see if the seller understands procedural process so there won’t be any surprises, etc).

3. Assuming that both buyer and bonds pass compliance requirements, the seller will then be invited to present the bonds at an agreed location (Miami, New York, London, Frankfurt, Rome (other locations available). The seller can decide to bring or send via courier the bonds to London or Frankfurt working directly with Law firms representing the Foundation. Or if the seller decides to bring them personally elsewhere, the seller will be dealing with an authorized Foundation representative. The bonds can only be delivered to either the law firm or the authorized representative who will issue a safe keeping receipt to the owner. For security reasons only the buyer/seller will discuss and know who, where, what, etc on the delivery of the bonds.  Very important to remember, seller can choose how he delivers his bonds, he does not have to travel to deliver the bonds, they can be sent via courier if he/she so desires or someone with a POA to transact on the sellers behalf. Seller or sellers representative will get an SKR as soon as bonds are received. 

4. Once the bonds are received, they will be processed and authenticated by a Forensic Specialist contracted by the final buyer.  The process for authenticating could take 2 to five days depending on the total number of bonds. Authenticating a single bond takes approx. 1.5 to 3 hours per bond according to the bond type being authenticated.

5. Once the bonds are authenticated and accepted, the Foundation will issue the Seller a contract. The seller will sign and return the signed contract to Foundation. Once received the contract is received, funding will take approximately 72 hours or as discussed and as mutually agreed between the Foundation and Seller.

It is important to everyone that prior to a seller beginning the process with this program that a client is aware of every detail by providing as much transparency to client as logically possible.

I hope this clears up any questions you may have regarding the process.  As mentioned on our call, we do not want to influence any seller in the decision making process, it is to simply state the truth as we know it to be.


No change to buyer procedures and commissions.